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New Propellers

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Knoxville Boat Propellers provides full service repair to individual boat owners and marinas, including welding and diver service when needed, to return propellers back to their original condition.

Knoxville Propeller Repair is a process requiring expert skill and the right repair tools. Consider these two factors before getting your propeller repaired. We are certified for repair of aluminum, stainless, and inboard propellers.

  • Restore propellers to their original pitch and rake, or change them for enhanced performance.
  • Add or change the cup of your propeller to match your boats needs and improve traction and efficiency.
Hub Replacement
  • Spun hubs can be repairs with a replacement hub with ease, getting you back in the water quickly.
  • Restore the sheen and gloss to your propeller with our polishing service.
Precision Balancing
  • Nothing is more important than a precision balanced propeller. Our experienced technicians use specialized precision equipment to insure the job is done right every time.

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